"Eating real food is the most revolutionary act we can be a part of. For more than 30 years I’ve been sharing the message that food is medicine and I’ve seen amazing results for my patients’ health and happiness; I hope you’ll join me and reclaim your own."
- Dr. Mark Hyman


The Doctor’s Farmacy

An upbeat look at solutions for the largest problems of our time, Dr. Hyman interviews experts in all-things-wellness, regenerative agriculture, social and environmental activism, meditation and mindfulness, movement, and so much more. This is the perfect introduction to Dr. Hyman’s work, with episodes available every Wednesday and Friday.

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Young Forever

Your Guide to Living Younger Longer. Dr. Mark Hyman challenges us to reimagine our biology, health, and the process of aging. With dozens of tips, Young Forever is a revolutionary, practical guide to creating and sustaining health—for life.


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Every Friday Dr. Hyman shares a quick note about what he’s loving lately, like kitchen and health gadgets, books and articles, products, podcasts, recipes, and more. He only recommends things he personally uses and you’ll never get more than one email a week.

Live Well


There is no magic bullet to achieving your best health. Your best health requires a systems approach. That’s why Dr. Hyman designed the 10 Day Reset by Farmacy.

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Find a Functional Medicine Practitioner

Discover exactly what your unique body needs to thrive. Dr. Hyman has a private clinic, The UltraWellness Center, in Lenox, MA, and though he no longer sees patients there, he has trained a team of incredible Functional Medicine practitioners that are available to help you.

You can also check out the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, where Dr. Hyman is the Head of Strategy and Innovation and still works with individuals.

Additionally, he serves on the board for the Institute for Functional Medicine, which is a great resource for finding a highly-trained Functional Medicine practitioner in your area.

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